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Meet the Team


Dr. Jackson Clements, D.C.

Licensed Chiropractor


Credentials + Education

Jackson Clements, D.C., is a licensed Chiropractor from Overland Park, Kansas. 

Dr. Clements has experience treating patients in every stage of life, taking a special interest in Sports Medicine. 


Outside of Chiropractic, Dr. Clements enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle, cheering on his favorite sports teams & spending time with friends and family.

Kansas State University

B.S. Life Sciences


Cleveland University - Kansas City

Doctor of Chiropractic


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Our Philosophy

We, as chiropractors, look to optimize Proprioception, which is

the brain-body connection.


Through your Chiropractic Care,

I will focus on your body’s unique connection to your brain, which will reduce/prevent injuries and allow your body to operate more efficiently.

The human body is the ultimate survival machine and has an uncanny ability to adapt to different environments, stresses, and situations. Many times the body adapts to stresses incorrectly and as a result, gets stuck in patterns or compensations that are counter productive to functional health or healing.


It is my duty to help your body realize it is not in balance/equilibrium and assist it in getting back to its natural alignment.

While Chiropractic adjustment is the most common method of treatment provided by Chiropractors, it is not the only technique and treatment I provide.


I will listen to your concerns and needs and only provide treatments in which you feel comfortable with. 

Chiropractic Medicine is Conservative Care, and my focus will be to assess, diagnose, manage and treat any pain in a non-invasive manner.


This means we will discuss your current lifestyle and habits to determine aggravating factors and work together to determine a treatment plan that does not require surgery. 

Movement is Medicine


This will be a core point of emphasis I will provide as your Chiropractor during your treatment and management. 

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